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When I first started the hypnosis I was skeptical and a little nervous. I'm so glad I committed and finished my sessions. The healing was authentic and came from a place deep inside. The triggers I once experienced, no longer have a hold on me. From visit to visit I noticed (and my family too) that I was experiencing shifts in awareness and consciousness. Thank you Haley.


I loved working with Haley, she is great with her job.She helped me lots ❤️ highly recommended to everyone who is looking for mental or physical changes. 💖💖💖


Haley is amazing! I highly recommend trying hypnosis if you’ve been thinking about it.. you won’t be disappointed! Haley ensures the environment is calm and relaxing so you’re able to focus on the experience and your healing. I will definitely be back for more sessions!


Inhale Hypnosis by Haley what's not to say, I give Haley 5 stars. She does amazing work. She is hilarious, caring and has such a big heart. Haley cares and she will always check in to see how I am doing. If you are looking for hypnosis's practitioner Haley is your girl I highly recommend her!! She will do everything to help you no matter what!!


I went it with a specific question, that I had honestly forgotten about halfway through our sessions. But near the end i remembered what we were focusing on. A lot of internal lack of self love and confidence that I couldn't figure out how to heal on my own or through counselling. With one session that was focused on that part I was able to have a pretty big epiphany about my life and everything just clicked. How I had reacted to triggers in my life, why I felt the way I did, why I kept bringing in people or situations that mirrored the lack of self love. It was a very cool experience, and I'm super grateful to have been able to do this. If you're open to it, I highly recommend. I've been working on myself for a number of years and I feel like this has been the final jump to push me into starting to live the life that I want ♡

~Jessica Haurd

Even after my first appointment I noticed a huge difference in how I was feeling. Haley's approach to focusing on my issues was friendly, caring and extremely helpful in meeting my goals in the areas I chose to work on. I would definitely recommend Inhale Hypnosis.


Haley creates a very relaxing environment. I felt safe and knew the hypnosis was healing for my most highest good.

~Leah Gillespie

The experience with Haley was amazing. She guided us through our breathing and had us relaxed completely. Though we were listening for our inner voice, for me it showed my pages full of codes in all colors, one after the other. It made me feel in awe.


I had a good time with Haley. I went with 0 expectations and really allowed myself to take it all in. Good experience and glad I tried!



Interested in Hypnotherapy? Check out Haley from Inhale Hypnosis! She is a kind and open-hearted lady. I enjoyed the Hypnotherapy sessions I received from her a lot and they made me feel really good! Haley makes you feel safe and she listens to any concerns of yours. She also checks in on you in between sessions to give you ongoing support. You should definitely try it!


It is hard to explain how I felt after sessions, it would be a few days later that I would realize that I was making changes that just felt normal. I wasn't stressing over doing it all. I was just doing it naturally.


I have only experienced hypnosis through on-line platforms before, in person was quite different. The space was soothing and Haley's technique brought me deeper into hypnosis than I have been in before. I do not recall a great deal but I was not asleep. The most interesting thing that resulted from the session is the cleansing waterfall that Haley brought me to has no incorporated itself into my meditative happy/safe place; I am able to utilize it any time that I need through mediation. It was a nice little bonus.

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